Every town has one or two. That place where the old men go to drink a cup of pipping hot Joe and talk about all things happening. You can know them by their casual dress, weathered faces that have seen the ages, and a cup of hot coffee in their hands. They are usually gathered together around a table in a corner talking in loud voices to each other about everything from the weather to world politics. In the course of time it takes you to get out of bed and get ready to take on the world, these groups of coffee drinking connoisseurs has already solved most of the worlds problems without you even knowing it. Using their accumulated knowledge from various backgrounds and with a combined experience totaling hundreds of years, they gather in these caffeine fueled think groups to discuss, tell overly exaggerated stories, and enjoy the company of their fellow towns folk before going forth into the world and their daily routines. Usually these gathering places have no reserved seating, but they usually have reserved coffee stained cups hanging from pegs on the wall or bunched together on a counter top that the regulars call their own. Anyone is welcome, from the great grand kids sipping a soda pop to the oldest member in town, no one is turned away and everyone is offered a cup of coffee from never empty pot on the warmer. Bring some high top boots because with the grandiose stories, all the world's problems solved, and the good times remembered, 'The bullshits gonna get deep'.


This daily ritual happens, rain or shine, blazing hot or freezing cold, the coffee never ends. Feelings are hurt, feathers get ruffled, but all is forgive by the next day over a fresh cup of black coffee.